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» Sven Co-op Team:

» Before e-mailing questions, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Active Team Members:
Australia Daniel "Sven Viking" Fearon
Founder, Project Manager
United States David "Sniper" McDermott
Lead Programmer, Web Design
United Kingdom David "Commando" Starr
Mapping, Project Coordination
Sweden Oscar "Nev" Björhn


Temporarily Inactive Team Members:
Sweden Patrik "DoktorAce" Liljecrantz
3D Character Artist
United States Brian "SoulEscape" Fieser
Sound Designer
Sweden Roland Muntoiu
Concept Artist
United States Ben "Zeropulse" Mitchell
3D and 2D Artist
Sweden Teddy "TeddyBear" Bergsman Lind
Texture Artist



Special thanks to the past team members:

Shannon Caldwell
3D Character Artist, Animation
Now works at BlueTongue Studios.

Kevin "Nivekdev" Loper
Programming Consultant

Jareth "Jerig" Hein
Linux Programming

Josh "Flewda" Powers
3D Artist

Sound Effects

3D Artist


Tom Taylor
Assistant Programmer

James "Osidio" O'Donnell
3D and 2D Artist



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