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Files Section:

Main | Essential Maps | Custom Maps | Even More MapsOther | 3rd-Party


Important: All official files should be extracted to your Half-Life\ directory!
A VikingAssault\ subdirectory will be created & used.


 Main Files

 File:  Description:


Viking Assault v3.0

The latest version of the Viking Assault mod for Steam, Half-Life and CS Retail


HLSP Support Update 

 Updated support for the HLSP maps (allows you to play the original Half-Life storyline in co-op)



 Essential Maps

Map Title: Author:


Download Mirrors:

Project Guilty 1.1

 See web site


BlueYonder | FileFront

A series of eight large maps featuring all-new textures, incredible visuals, and rewarding/unique gameplay. A must-have map pack! Number of players recommended: 3+.  Check for more information.

  E.T.C. Co-op

 See web site


BlueYonder | FileFront

DaveJ's critically acclaimed single-player map pack, E.T.C. (Earthquake Test Center), converted to a Viking Assault mission by Commando.

  Case Closed Co-op  

 See web site


Goanna SC | FileFront

Steven "EraSerX" Delrue's popular single-player mod Case Closed , thoroughly reworked, recompiled and rebalanced for co-operative play by Hezus!

Resident Evil Outbreak 1

 See txt file


SnarkCafe | Viking Assault Central

The sequel to Resident Evil The Awakening 1, this map done by MrFranswa places the players in a barricaded house by themselves and are forced to use their surroundings to escape. Contains the same goodness that came with RE1, and would be a crime to pass this one up. 

RE: The Awakening part 1

 See txt file


AusGamers | FileFront

Part 1 of MrFranswa's Resident Evil-inspired Viking Assault mission. Three different player classes, four different game modes, multiple secrets, boss battles... a "Zombie Slaughter" minigame, unique gameplay with non-respawning weapons and ammo, in-game music, and much more!  See the text file for details.

RE: Covert Operations

 See txt file



An indirect follow-up to RE: The Awakening. Expect even more spine-chilling zombie-whacking action, story-centric gameplay, and creative use of monster-replacement. Plenty of in-game cut-scenes, too.

3.0 Content Pack

 See txt file



Content pack containing: Three new player models; Maps Activist, AfrikaKorps Bonus, Air Combat, Between, Infested, and Mako; etc.  See text file for details.

Creepsworld Map Pack

 See txt file



Based on Creepsworld's Top 50 article -- Includes a wide range of maps selected by the general public via votes.

Contains: Delta Return, Gitfest4, LabFlee, Leprechaun Trilogy, Never, OMG, SpaceViking2, SubwayTrain, Sledge, Tower series, WhySee the text file for details.

Classic Map Pack

 See txt file


HL2Files | AusGamers

The best of the older Viking Assault maps. Everyone should have these!

Contains: AssaultMesa2 series, BlackOps, Durga, G-man Towers, GargHunt3, Infiltrate, JailBreak Series, MegaMonsterMassacre, NightmareCo-op series, SvenCo-opRPG series, Operation Retribution series, Gut Reaction series, GruntWar, SpaceViking, Powernode series, Phobia, Bunker, Grunts, Horde, War series, Undeath, Exhale series, Helebat3See the text file for details.


 Custom Maps

Map Title: Author:


Download Mirrors:

 2.0B Map Pack

 See txt file



Some of the best maps released after 2.0 Beta but before 2.0 Final.  Contains: Moria, Haywire, Flee, Cliffside, PreperationX series, Warehouse-Invasion, Minotaur_Maze, GargHouse2kSee the text file for details.

 Optional Map Pack 1

 See txt file



Want more maps? Here they are. There are more than 25 BSPs in this pack!  

Contains: 2 Bases, Fishing SE, Mastamike, Rescue3, Rush, Hill Air Force Base, Storage D, Torn 2, sc_Alley, Battlefield, The Dogs series, Escape, Osp series, Invasion series, GargHunt2, Blastcorpse.  See the text file for details.


Download more great maps at!


 Other Files

 File:  Description:




The original version of what became the Viking Assault theme, by Steve 'Blevo' Blevin. The SC version is improved, but this version has a couple of advantages, too.


Cyborg Saturn Remix

An excellent remix of Blevo's Cyborg.

Cyborg Second Remix

Another excellent remix of Blevo's Cyborg!



"Co-opman - Like Superman but... not"



"Sven the Viking - small piece dedicated to our glorious leader ;)"



"Lift music for masochists"


Sila_Lumenn.mp3 (5mb) A SvenCo-op track by Hetoreyn, who also composed the Deep Angel soundtrack. Hetoreyn
Summertime.mp3 (7mb) Another track by Hetoreyn, with (GIT)r-man on the guitar :). Hetoreyn

The Ballad of SvenCo-op


A chronicle of the process of, and tribulations involved in, trying to get a Viking Assault release out the door... told in the form of an epic ballad.

Sven Viking

HL2 Database Interview

Sven Viking is interviewed by the Half Life 2 Database website regarding Viking Assault for Half Life 1.



These archives were not created by, and so are unsupported by, the Viking Assault team

 File: Description:



The best bot available for Viking Assault.




Visual Basic 6 runtime libraries. If you're getting an error when running the MP3 playlist generator, extract this to your Windows\System\ dir.


Viking Assault 3.0 Metamod


Required if you want to run a Viking Assault 3.0 server using Metamod.


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